We would like to introduce you to a very special member of the school…

His name is Frodo and he is the most loving, gentle and calming little dog who lives with Mrs Heneghan, one of our Deputy Heads. Frodo has been adopted as the school dog.

Frodo is a rescue dog from Cyprus. He is a terrier cross bread who is just over 3 years old. He has settled exceptionally well into the life of the school. All the children adore him, treat him kindly and show great care for him.

It is a well researched fact that dogs in school bring many positive aspects to the lives and well being of young children. They increase empathy and responsibility in children, teach children how to nurture, care and have respect for all life, and improve academic achievement by helping children to concentrate and feel calm at school.

The school has strict procedures and rules enabling Frodo to come into school. Such rules and guidelines have been shared with the children and they will ensure the safety for both themselves and Frodo. Frodo visits all the classes and works particularly with the reception children on a scheme called ‘Paws for thought’. All the children are very excited to have him in school, and already their motivation and language skills have increased. You will no doubt hear a lot about Frodo from the children.

Paws for thoughts!

Pets and dogs in school can provide a nurturing and supportive environment in order for children to thrive. Having a pet/dog
in school provides a welcoming and calming environment.

Research has shown that pets/dogs can:
• Increase empathy and responsibility in children
• Teach children how to nurture, care and have respect for all life
• Improve academic achievement by helping children to concentrate and feel calm at school.

• To provide a safe and secure environment where pupils can develop their Communication, Social and Emotional Literacy Skills.
• Strengthen pupil’s emotional well-being enabling them to access learning more readily.
• Help pupils re-establish good relationships with their peers and adults and see school as a place to feel included.
• Develop the pupil’s sense of self, belonging and trust.
• To see an improvement in behaviour, attainment and attendance of pupils.
• To support children in their reading if needed.

Caring Rules for Frodo…

• Mrs Heneghan is Frodo’s main carer.
• Always ask an adutlt before you can stroke or touch Frodo.
• Give Frodo his own space.
• No more than 2/3 children to interact with him at any one time.
• Keep calm and quiet when Frodo is around.
• Don’t make sudden movements towards Frodo.
• If Frodo gets anxious and worried move away and give him space.
• Do not take toys off Frodo when he has them.
• Use the word ‘wait’ to get him to stay and sit.
• Treats are given to Frodo when directed by an adult.
• Always wash your hands after touching Frodo.