Our inclusion team is led by Mrs Lambert, our SENDCO and inclusion lead. Mrs Lambert is also our Designated Safeguarding Officer.

If you have any questions about inclusion at West Road Primary, please contact our SENCO, Laura Lambert, for Inclusion and Safeguarding.


Family Support Worker/ Thrive Practitioner/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Mrs L Holloway



Mrs McCarthy




Mrs J Leung

At West Road, we believe that everybody is unique in terms of characteristics, interests, abilities, motivation and learning needs and we embrace these wide diversities.

We promote the individuality of all our pupils irrespective of age, attainment, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, culture, religion  or background.

Those with exceptional needs and/or disabilities have access to high quality and appropriate education which will enhance their current and future participation in society.


We aim to be an inclusive school and actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils.  We put them into practice by ensuring that different groups of pupils within our school have appropriate provision to enable them to achieve their full potential.


Our school is committed to and complies with the equality act 2010 please click the star below for the equality policy of our trust.



Our staff who work as part of the inclusion team have written some statements about the wonderful children they work with. Read on to see how proud everyone is of their key worker children.


Thrive is a  developmental approach to support the emotional health and well of all children. Staff work with vulnerable and challenging children, understanding, addressing,
 and changing the behaviours of these children in order to re-engage and make progress in learning.
There are three Trained Thrive practitioners in school who work with individual children and small groups. These are led by Mrs Lynne Holloway.


Play for Purpose 

With Me In Mind 

Worth Mentoring 

Mini Police

Wellbeing Ambassadors/ Parliament Members

Our wellbeing parliament members work alongside With Me In Mind and Miss Anderson. They meet every fortnight to discuss how we can improve the wellbeing of pupils in school.

Inclusion areas in school 

Quad                                       The Hub                                     The Meadow                        The Sensory Room                   Botanical Gardens                Jenny’s Wood                   ICT suite

I am so proud of my 1:1 child. Last year, I know he really struggled to stay in the classroom and  self-regulate. Since coming back to school, he now stays in the classroom and we use brain breaks so that he is ready to learn.


Mrs Gibson, October 2023.


Since starting in Year 2 the child who I support has started reading every day. He recently completed a phonics screening test and scored 11, this is a huge achievement as he is non-verbal at times, or communicates using singular words.


Miss Keeton, October 2023


This young man has daily exercises from the OT to complete that strengthen his core muscles. He is making amazing progress with this and makes me, as his support adult, and himself proud.

When he first started doing his Physio exercises back in June he couldn’t stand on one leg for more than 1 second and would get quite frustrated with himself because he couldn’t do it. Recently, he has started to balance on his left leg, then the right for 10 seconds. The aim is 20 seconds. He is so proud of his own achievements.


Mrs Gaston, October 2023


Staff Comment:

I absolutely love my job working as a 1:1 support assistant. It’s a very challenging job at times but also greatly rewarding. Being a 1:1 I have learnt new skills and by learning these new skills I can better understand and support my child in achieving and succeeding whatever is put in front of us. We’re a team my child and me, we work together. I also work amongst a great team of people who are always happy to help and offer support and guidance as and when needed.