Nursery to Reception Transition.

Welcome to EYFS

30 Hour Provision


Family Open Weeks

There are two family open weeks this term:

• Week beginning 30th April 2018 : with a focus on maths shapes, measures and positional activities.

• Week beginning 11th June 2018: with a focus on number, counting, adding, taking away, sharing, halving and doubling.

These open weeks will enable you to understand the expectations for your child in these areas and offer advice and ideas. This is to ensure your child reaches their age related expectations in these areas.

Reader Leaders in Reception

Please help your child to become a reader leader at school by sharing and reading their story book with them at least three times, filling in the passport and exchanging their book after school.

Bags of Fun for Nursery

Remember to change your bag of fun whenever you are ready. There are many bags to choose from with some fantastic books and activities inside for you to share with your child. Please check all contents are in the bag before you return them.


Remember to register your child for free books every month with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Register now if you haven’t as the books are amazing.

Baking in the Foundation Unit

Children love to bake and every child gets a turn each term. To support this, we ask for the following donations:

• Nursery 30p a week

• Reception £1 a term

Free School Milk

Until your child reaches the age of 5, they are entitled to free school milk. In order to receive this you must register your child every term with Cool Milk.

If you have not already done so, please can you go onto the website below and fill out the registration.

Fruit and Water

Your child will receive a free piece of fruit every day. Reception children can also bring a piece of fruit from home to eat at school if they wish. All children can bring a bottle of water to school too.

PE Kits, Uniforms and Clothing

All children in the Nursery and Reception classes must wear the West Road Uniform. It gives them a sense of identity and belonging to the school. It also enables them to save their better clothes for home, as children at school explore as they play and their uniform can get dirty with paint, glue and mud!

Reception children need to bring their PE kits to school the first day back each term. They can leave it at school for the term where it will be returned for washing. They will need a T-shirt and some shorts in a small PE bag.

Homework and Reception Reading Bags

Children in Nursery and Reception receive weekly homework activities, which support the learning they have done in school that week.

It is expected that all children do these weekly activities to help support their learning. It also enables you to see what they have been learning and support them in their learning too.

Reception children need to practice their letters and words at home each day and bring their reading bag to school everyday. This enables the adults in their class to hear them read and change their words and letters.

So what is happening in the Foundation Unit this term?

At the moment, the unit has now all the new lighting and heating installed. There are new tables and chairs in the unit, but we don’t stop there either! We have a grant to develop the outside area which is a huge but exciting job. Keep your eyes peeled for the changes.

Keep a constant look at the schools website.

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