West Road Primary Academy is committed to meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum for Primary Schools introduced in September 2014. The Government site describing the curriculum can be found here.


We have developed our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of this new curriculum. Teachers have received training in the key areas of curriculum change and we are ready to provide a creative, rich curriculum for all our pupils.


The curriculum will be taught taking into account the needs of all children. We aim for our curriculum to be exciting and to inspire children to nurture a passion for learning, encouraging inquisitiveness and confidence in our pupils.


The key drivers which underpin our curriculum are ASPIRATION, CULTURAL CAPITAL and POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE. 


  • ASPIRATION – to provide our young people to be proud and aim high. We change mirrors into windows.
  • CULTURAL CAPITAL – to broaden our children’s outlook on the world.  We will provide them with wide, rich and challenging first hand experiences encompassing all aspects of the National Curriculum.  We will maximise opportunities to apply and build on subject knowledge and wider skills.
  • POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE – our children are introduced to powerful knowledge through subjects. This will prepare them for life – they can shape their own futures.

End of Year Expectations by Subject

Subject Progression and Vocabulary

Geography Vocabulary LKS2

Geography Vocabulary UKS2

Grammar Vocabulary

History Progression

History Vocabulary

Maths Progression

Add & Subtract

Maths Progression


Maths Progression

Geometry Movement

Maths Progression

Geometry Shapes

Maths Progression


Maths Progression

Multiplication & Division

Maths Progression

Place Value

Maths Progression

Ratio & Proportion

Maths Progression


Maths Progression


Maths Vocabulary

Music Progression

Music Vocabulary

PE Progression

PE Vocabulary

PSHE Progression

RE Progression

RE Vocabulary

Reading Progression

RSE Vocabulary KS1

RSE Vocabulary KS2


Progression of Skills

Science Progression

Science Vocabulary

Spelling Vocabulary

Writing Progression