5th June 2017

Year 3 and 4 Learning Journey (Seahorses, Coral, Seals)


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back, I hope you have all had a fantastic half-term break and are ready for the term ahead. Mr Eastwood, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Woodward are looking forward to the Summer Term and we have an exciting term lined up! Here is a brief overview of what we will be learning together on our journey.



Throughout the summer term, we will be exploring two topics – ‘Tribal Tales’ and ‘Blue Abyss’.


Tribal Tales will encompass three key Ages which took place over a thousand years ago. The children will have the opportunity to explore the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age through a plethora of different lessons such as cave painting, shelter building and research into Iron Age hillforts.


Blue Abyss looks closely at the oceans of the world with a particular focus on the creatures which inhabit those oceans. The children will learn about the Great Barrier Reef as well as the issues affecting oceans today such as, global warming, pollution and overfishing. The children will gain an insight into how they can reverse these negative effects and in turn help save the planet.



In Science this term the children will be looking at a range of topics: Plants, States of Matter, Rocks, Electricity and Animals/Humans. This will give the children the chance to consolidate everything they have learned throughout the year and deepen their understanding within these key topic areas. There learning journey in science will involve the children being able to:


  • Identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants; roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flower
  • Identify and describe the different stages of the water cycle
  • Group rocks based on their properties
  • To construct an electrical circuit
  • Recognise some common conductors and insulators
  • Describe the simple functions of the digestive system in humans
  • Construct a variety of food chains



Below is a useful website that your children can use at home to learn more about science!



We will be utilising ICT in a range of subjects across the curriculum in our topic work. Each class will continue with ‘I-Jam’ the ICT specialists, on Wednesday afternoons.



We will be following the Year 3, 4 curriculum for maths and working on number and place value, addition and subtraction, division and multiplication and shape. The children will also be recapping other areas of the curriculum such as measure, statistics and decimals. A huge focus will be placed on deeper learning and reasoning skills where the children will be applying their mathematical knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts. Times table knowledge and practise will also be a target for all children in their final term of the year. This will help the children with their times table test which will be carried out weekly. is a great website to use to help us instantly recall our times tables. Maths homework will be sent out each week using based on what we have been learning.





This term we will be studying the ocean in our Topic – Blue Abyss, and we will be looking at non chronological reports, playscripts and recounts (also linked to summer class trips). The shared read in Guided Reading will be; Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine and Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We will also be practising for our Summer Performance (more details will follow in Friday’s letter)




Spellings will be handed out every Friday, ready for the test the following Friday. Please make sure your child learns the curriculum and year expectation spellings, information on spelling patterns and strategies, to help you learn them, will be on the spelling sheet provided. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with this – as the children will be expected to use it regularly and hand it in when any homework is due.



We will be expecting all our children to join their handwriting and will be practising every day in class. If there is any opportunity at home you could reinforce and practise handwriting that would be a great help.



We will be using Kung Fu punctuation to focus on the use of commas, brackets, apostrophes for possession and omission, inverted commas (speech marks), word classes and conjunctions. There are a wealth of grammar websites available for the children to practise spelling and grammar at home, here are just a few:



Home Reading

Reading and Writing are two of the main focuses at West Road this year, so daily home reading is vital. I appreciate that time is very busy for all of us, but reading at home with a parent, carer, older sibling or friend, is so important for all our children. It strengthens their confidence, fluency and inference skills and backs up the important work we do at school. As well as adding the enjoyment factor of reading with an adult. So please make time to hear your child read. Please do not forget to sign in their reading diary each time your child reads. Also, we will be giving the children a ‘book review’ to complete before they will be allowed to change their daily reading books. Any parent helpers who would like to come in and volunteer to listen to our children read would be greatly appreciated.



The children will participate in a PE session with Doncaster Rovers on a Tuesday morning. They must have their PE kit in school on this day (including outdoor and indoor kit).





In RE, the children will be learning about the religion, Sikhism. They will explore the Sikh place of worship and the special book.

In PSHE, the children will continue to participate in weekly circle time whereby they are free to discuss any issues that have arisen in class, in the UK or around the world.



Morning break will be: 10.30 – 10.45am every day.

Lunch will be: 12.15 till 1pm every day.


Star of the Week Assembly will be held every Friday at 9am in the hall. Your class teacher will inform you if you are invited to attend.




Friday Letter

Please read the Friday letter to inform you of any changes or news weekly. Parent Consultation meetings will be online shortly – please book your slot early and we will endeavour to be on-time with the meetings.


Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued support. If you need to see any of the phase 3/4 team, please feel free to catch us either before or after school.




Ms Woodward – Seahorses’ class teacher/Deputy Head

Mr Eastwood – Coral’s class teacher

Mrs McCarthy – Seals’ class teacher