Dear Galaxy Class Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Year One!

Key things to remember:

* The staff which work in Class 4 are:

o Mrs Saxelby – Class Teacher

o Mrs Dixon – Class Teacher

o Mrs Sheppard –  Teaching Assistant


* Please line your child on the bottom playground when the bell goes so they can walk in independently and hang their own coat etc.  We complete a morning ‘task’ each morning as the children arrive in class.  Please make sure your child arrives promptly at 8:45am so that they can access the morning task most effectively as this will recap prior learning.


* Home reading books will be checked on a daily basis if their reading dairies have been signed by an adult.  The children have a competition each week to see who can read the most so please write in your child’s reading diaries to say that they have read and a little positive comment.  The children will have a treat in class if they read 3 times a week.  Then every ½ term if your child has read every week 3 times a week they will get a gift of a book to take home.  Please remember it can be any kind of book e.g. a book they have got at home, a book from the library or menu, recipe etc.


* Spellings will go home at least once each week. These are key to help your child become a good writer. They will also aid with your child’s reading as they will need to be able to read and spell them.  Please practise as often as possible.  Your child will not get the next set of spellings until they can write all of the list.  Please also practise correct formation of the letters (see enclosed reminder of how to form letters correctly).  Spellings will be checked as soon as possible.


* PE will be on a Wednesday – P.M. Can your child please bring their kits to school at the beginning of each week.  Their kits need to include a white polo shirt, black/blue shorts and pumps.  These can be taken home on Wednesday evening to be washed.


* Milk – once your child turns 5 they can still have milk but you will need to pay for it.  If you are entitled to free school meals you can get the milk free.  In order to receive your free milk you will need to register on line to the web address below and follow the instructions.  It costs under £15 a term. If you have any problems please feel free to talk to the staff in the office.  If your child is not registered for milk we are unable to give them some.  They will however have their bottle of water brought in daily from home which they can drink. Each child gets a piece of fruit every day to eat.


Our topic this term is ‘Memory Box’, we will be updating the school website with what we have been finding out soon!!


If you have any concerns or worries please speak to a member of staff in Galaxy Class.  This can be done either at the beginning of the day or end of the day after all of the children have been let out safely. If you feel you may need an appointment to discuss anything in detail please don’t hesitate to ring the school office and a mutually convenient time will be arranged for you.


Thank you for your continuing support.


Mrs Gemma Saxelby and Mrs Judith Dixon